Google “Gay Coveralls”

coverallsThere is nothing I love more than walking into my studio when I have a fresh new canvas and all my brushes are clean and arranged neatly in rows on my work table. At least I think I would love that ??? Unfortunately, I have never been what you would call a “tidy” person.

No matter how earnest my intentions, I always manage to make a mess. I cannot cook without using every pan in the kitchen. Gardening leaves me with more soil in my pockets than in the pots. One time, I got dressed up to meet a new client (I looked pretty together for me) then realized I needed a sketch from my studio to take to the meeting. I carefully walked into the studio, touching nothing, avoiding all wet paint, and walked out with my sketch. As I’m driving away from the meeting, feeling like I made a good impression, I look at myself in the rear view mirror and notice that I have phthalo blue paint smeared all over my face (no idea how)! I think it’s just me.

I once had a painter friend who worked in an art studio with me and would show up every morning in a white dress shirt and linen pants. He would roll up his sleeves, put on an apron, and work hard all day beside me. At the end of the day he would take off his apron, roll down his sleeves, and voila – spotless! I, on the other hand, would be paint-stained head to toe – somehow only my apron remaining clean.

brushesWhen I paint I use anything that I can grab. I use every brush in the place and often times have six or seven palettes covered with paint spread on my work table. People often ask if they can visit my studio and when I say no they think that I am being a mysterious artist. But the truth is… I’m just embarrassed by the mess.

Maybe I will have to become one of those old Southern men (just like my grandfather) who walks around in coveralls all day? I googled “gay coveralls” and the results were disturbing…