Thaddeus Conti

If I didn’t have to do it I wouldn’t. To record that which is true is an admirable task; to extricate truth with awe, abandon, and ecstasy is a far greater accomplishment.

I am a life-long resident of Hogs Alley, Old Metairie, and was named by Mnsgr. Bazoo (St. Francis Xavier) after the Shrine for St. Jude Thaddeus @ Conti & Rampart. I am the proud father of Susana Grace Conti. My collection of line drawings and poems, aepoetics, is available through My collection, 19, will soon be available through Verna Press and Kevin Gillentine Gallery. I host the Secret Meetings of the Dinky Dao Poetry Hour at the Neutral Ground, 5110 Daneel, every Wednesday at 8pm. All are welcome.