The Ceramic Work of Kevin Gillentine

kevin-gillentine-gallery-pottery (8)I am a painter and designer by profession and I often have people say to me “You are so lucky, I also paint and wish I could do it full time.” I think they romanticize a full time painting career as somehow not being work. But let me tell you – aside from the rewards, it has all the deadline pressure, frustrations, tedium, burnout, and headaches that come with any job.

I think, in some ways, those folks who paint as a hobby don’t realize how nice it is to keep their painting as a refuge, as something especially personal and private that can be a creative outlet without having the pressures of professionalism.

Don’t get me wrong – I am thankful everyday for my life as a painter. I just need to use other genres of art to give my mind a break from painting sometimes. Over the past few years I have been dabbling in ceramics. Though I do not consider myself a professional potter, I am proud of the work that I turn out. I have even featured some of my work at my gallery in a strictly informal sense. Because even though I do sell my pieces, I do not want to turn my hobby into a profession. I mostly sell them because a) I am so often asked to by friends and clients and b) what else can I do with all of it?

On that note, I have decided to start having an annual Christmas pottery event at my gallery. Starting next Saturday, December 6th I will dedicate one of my front gallery rooms to showing and selling my ceramic work. So please come by and have a look if you get a chance. These are one-of-a-kind, affordable pieces that would make excellent holiday gifts. So come have a look.